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Battery powered exit signs do not exist per of the Life Safety Code. Any sign with a battery is required to have an electrical connection to maintain that battery in a state of readiness when the power goes out.

For exit signs that do not require any electricity the two options available are Self Luminous Tritium Exit Signs, and Photoluminescent Exit Signs.

Tritium (H3) signs are non-electrical exit signs that operate independently from AC line voltage. They do not require any means of electrical input and will illuminate for a span of ten (10) or twenty (20) years depending on the model selected. These signs are the go-to solution for areas that do not have access to electricity because you can simply take them out of the box and hang them up like a picture.

A photoluminescent (PL) sign is a "glow in the dark" type of exit sign. They are like the glow in the dark stars that are often found in children's rooms on the ceiling. This technology requires ambient light to be present for it to charge. When the light is absent, the sign will then illuminate in green for a minimum of 90 minutes.

The illumination has a diminishing return, as it glows for longer, the brightness will fade and once 90 minutes have passed, they will no longer be bright enough to meet emergency egress standards but will still glow.

A minimum of 5 ft. candles from ambient lighting is required to be shining on the face of the sign in order for it to charge. Sunlight is not a proper source of energy for these signs as it is not constant.

Typical installations of exit signs are either flush against the wall (back mount), off the wall like a flag (end mount), or hanging from the ceiling (top mount). Almost every exit sign that is mounted onto a surface will ship with the mounting bracket required for all three of these mounting options. This is commonly known as a "universal" mounting capability.

Other installations include ceiling recessed or wall recessed mounting. These types of Installations require you to cut a hole out from the wall or ceiling and are most commonly used when the job is considered "new construction" where the drywall has not been put up yet.

Simply push the test button on the side of your sign / light and hold it down for 30 seconds. This test should be performed monthly or every four (4) to five (5) weeks.

This is commonly caused by a dead battery. Simply push the test button, if the sign or lights do not flicker for a moment then come back on as the button is being pressed, then your battery is most likely faulty and needs to be replaced.

To diagnose this, take the battery from another existing unit and put it into the buzzing Unit. If the buzzing stops then the issue is a bad battery, otherwise, please refer to the installation manual that came with your fixture. There is often times a chart that will help troubleshoot the blinking pattern on the LED status indicator next to the test button.

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